Supply & Service

Remote Business Printer Monitoring
for Product Ordering and Diagnostics

With this print management option, our IT team can monitor the usage of your business printer remotely through system management monitoring software, informing us when your supply is low, analysing printer performance and highlighting any major parts failing issues, such as worn printer fuses or development units. These contracted clients will even experience the benefit of lower hourly costs for repairs and maintenance.

Auto Orders

Through PIPS, our team is able to monitor and predict the usage of your commercial printer inks and toners, allowing us to send out new printer products to you automatically, as and when needed. Work economically, reduce unnecessary waste and avoid the inconvenience of manually ordering your business print essentials.

We can manage all your printer IT from our own Carlisle office
“It was a pleasure dealing with Logic from start to finish and the installation by Alan was very efficient with minimal disruption... I thoroughly recommend Logic.”
Bright and Beautiful


From broken printer rollers to failing fuses, our remote diagnostics make it easy to see damaged or failing parts of your company printer, speeding up the process for our IT technicians to assess what needs to be fixed or replaced.

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